9 Quotes From Silicon Valley’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs

Silicon Valley has become an almost mythological place where the world’s brightest daredevils of the Internet age have made billions of dollars on hugely popular websites, software, and computer technology. It is a place where America’s most fundamental designs for freedom and the pursuit of happiness are carried out every day and where the American dream of self-made success is tenaciously pursued.

Below is an inspiring list of quotes that speak to the spirit of Silicon Valley and the mindset of the entrepreneurs who said them.

1. Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me… Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me.

steve works – Iconic founder of Apple Inc. and inventor of some of the world’s most used and memorable technologies, including the Macintosh, iMac, iTunes, iPod, and iPad. After leaving Apple in 1985, Jobs founded NeXT, and then Pixar, which was purchased by Disney in 2006. Jobs returned to Apple in 1996 and took the company from the brink of bankruptcy to one of the most recognized and profitable companies in the world. world. world.

2. Obviously everyone wants to be successful, but I want to be seen as very innovative, very trustworthy and ethical and ultimately make a big difference in the world.

Sergey Briin – co-founded Google with Larry Page, whom he met at Stanford University. At the age of six, Brin immigrated with his family to the United States from the Soviet Union. He studied math at the University of Maryland and then earned a Ph.D. at Stanford, where he and Page dropped out to work at Google full-time. Google’s Internet search engine has become one of the most widely used products in the world and Google is one of the most successful companies in the world.

3. When you innovate, you have to be prepared for everyone to tell you that you are crazy.

larry ellison – One of Silicon Valley’s most recognizable figures, Ellison is the somewhat controversial founder of Oracle Corp, a leading enterprise software company. Ellison has an estimated fortune of more than $40 billion and is known for his exotic sports cars, competitive yachts, piloting jets and buying as much Malibu real estate as he can.

4. Entrepreneurs are like visionaries. One of the ways they move forward is by seeing what they’re doing as something that’s going to be the whole world.

Reid Hoffman – LinkedIn co-founder, entrepreneur, and prominent venture capitalist. Hoffman first studied Symbolic Systems and Cognitive Sciences at Stanford, then read philosophy as a Marshall Scholar at Oxford University. Earlier in his career, Hoffman worked at Apple and Fujitsu, then co-founded SocialNet.com, became COO of PayPal, co-founded Linkedin, and is now a partner at venture capital firm Greylock Partners. Hoffman has said that what interests him most is making a positive impact on the world on a large scale.

5. The biggest risk is not taking any risks… In a world that is changing very quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.

mark zuckerberg Zuckerberg, a billionaire at the age of 23, is the founder of Facebook.com, the second most visited website in the world only behind Google.com and ahead of YouTube.com. Zuckerberg excelled at many of his studies in elementary school and took an early interest in computer programming. During his undergraduate studies at Harvard, he and his classmates created Facebook as a social network for college students. It quickly gained popularity and now has hundreds of millions of regular users.

6. If you are not satisfied, you must change what you are doing.

marc andresen – co-author of Mosaic, the first widely used web browser, one of the founders of Netscape Communications Corp, and co-founder and general partner of Andreessen Horowitz, one of Silicon Valley’s leading venture capital firms. Andreessen is also on the directories of such prominent Silicon Valley companies as Facebook, eBay, and HP. Andreessen’s involvement in pioneering the widespread use of the Internet has made him a billionaire and one of the most recognizable names in Silicon Valley.

7. I think that’s the best advice: constantly think about how you could be doing things better and question yourself.

Elon Musk – an innovator like no other, Musk is the founder or co-founder of several very successful companies. Here’s a list of his efforts: Zip2-sold for $307 million to Compaq; PayPal Sold to eBay for $1.5 Billion; SpaceX, whose Falcon 9 rocket replaced NASA’s space shuttle in 2011 for flights to the International Space Station; Tesla Motors, which aspires to be the world’s largest producer of electric cars; and Solar City, which is the largest provider of solar power systems in the US.

8. Make every detail perfect and limit the amount of detail to perfection.

jack dorsey – co-founder of Twitter and Square, a platform that allows credit and debit payments using devices such as the iPhone and Android. A programmer from an early age, Dorsey created service dispatch software at the age of thirteen. He has expressed interest in one day becoming mayor of New York City.

9. In fact, technology has been the story of human progress for as long as we know. In 100 years, people will look back and say, ‘That was the Internet age.’ And computers will be seen as a main ingredient in the Internet Age.

cane hastings – Known primarily as the founder of NetFlix, but also founded Pure Software, which grew rapidly, went public and merged with Atria Software and was later acquired by Rational Software. Hastings has insisted on a unique corporate culture at Netflix, where pay is often higher than average, vacation days and time off are up to the employees themselves, and underperforming employees receive huge severance pay when they are dismissed. ask them to leave.

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