Androgynous look – Style of women in fashion

What is Androgynous? As an ‘appearance’ of a woman that looks like a man? Popularized by actress Diane Keaton in the 1970s film Annie Hall, and copied as fashion clothing. Kate Bosworth and Amanda Peet recently went androgynous at New York Fashion Week. Sex and the City’s latest movie showcases women’s empowerment fashion again with a variety of beautiful looks to suit all tastes. Carrie, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, wears an androgynous-style outfit that highlights the popularity of this style in streetwear, whether at work or play. The androgynous look is a fun way to dress for work if your dress code prohibits denim. You won’t have to go all out to pull off the look, as the individual elements of the trend will be just as effective. Kate Bosworth and Amanda Peet embraced the menswear-inspired fashion trend at the Rag & Bone Runway Show in Bryant Park.

Since 2007, a new breed of power attire for women has emerged, offering a stylish alternative to the classic business suit. The androgynous look has kept ultra-feminine fashion in check on the catwalk, seeing a trend towards tight tailoring and edgy, edgy attire, changing the way we dress for the office forever.

While following all the current trends in the office is fun and fashionable, it also breaks the boundaries between work and play and whether you like it or not, unless you work in the fashion industry, your boss will appreciate the look. intelligent and serious instead of the ultra. glamor girl character that you can wear after hours!

Dressing tight may sound scary, but it’s not if you carefully balance your appearance. Sometimes you’ll want to look fierce in front of your colleagues and other times you’ll want to appear part of the crowd, so why not match your look to your mood at work and start making a big impression through your clothes? That’s dressing tight. Whether you’ve been trying to win over a stubborn client or want to impress the rest of your colleagues with your ideas, the key is to choose clothes that ooze confidence. Feel confident and look great by choosing slimming styles that you feel comfortable with. Dressing energetically demands a fearless attitude that you’ll never convincingly pull off if you don’t like what you see in the mirror in the morning.

Choose pants if you’re not sure about exposing your legs, and leave the killer stilettos at home if you’re afraid of tipping over in the boardroom. Pair subtle pinstripe pants with pointed heels for a slimming, feminine look. Always wear high heels, but opt ​​for a thicker heel instead of a stiletto heel for stability and a perfect, confident walk. Choose jackets and blazers that are tight at the waist to create flattering curves, and choose bold colors to wear underneath; beige is anything but brave: go for an ambitious red or an empowering orange.

If you’re unsure about color, go for monochrome, which is a big deal this season. Experiment with tailoring that has white lining and pinstripes, or simply add flair to a black suit with a slim white belt or a crisp, bright shirt. Never wear anything too detailed or patterned when dressing energetic (you want to be bold, don’t let your clothes steal the show). Choose straight, classic tailored, elegant, high-waisted skirts or pants, and find the style you feel most confident and comfortable in. Always keep accessories to a minimum by choosing silver jewelry for subtle sparkle and a subtle leather clutch or clutch bag to finish off your confident, empowering and on-trend look.

Fashion Overview

A trend since the 80s that endures in fashion time and has been the fundamental portal of time towards fashion culture and popular art with the feeling of that time. Whether he liked what was popular in the mainstream at the time, he still left his mark forever embedded in people’s memories. Fashion as a whole is a “mode of personal expression”, which was denoted by the hysteria of that time displayed by the media, or by the music that was popular at the time. We saw this already in the eighties, where the way of feeling was innovative and experimental.

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