Fisher-Price Tickle Me Elmo – 19 Fun Facts About The Elmo Phenomenon

Who would have guessed in 1996 that Tickle Me Elmo, a newly released plush toy, would become the new sales sensation that Christmas? It was “just” a funny lump of red hair that giggled hysterically when you tickled it. And yet, since then, Tickle Me Elmo and its successors have topped the sales charts for […]

Facts about Betty Kresin, Eminem’s grandmother

Betty Kresin, Eminem’s maternal grandmother, married at age 14. She had six children from 3 different marriages. She married Bob Nelson for the first time. She gave birth to their daughter Debbie in 1955. They both moved to Warren, Michigan, to be closer to Betty’s stepmother. Despite the problems the couple experienced, she gave Bob […]

"Financial world:" It’s all a matter of luck

There is a scene in the 1987 movie “Wall Street” where Gordon Gekko played by Michael Douglas rides in his limousine with Bud Fox played by Charlie Sheen. Looking out the window of the limo, Gekko points to two men standing side by side waiting for the light to change. A man is wearing a […]

Getting more muscular, stronger and bigger without getting fat!

I am following a muscle development course and I am doing very well. I am getting a lot stronger, bigger and more muscular, but my body fat is increasing a bit, why? And how can I prevent that from happening without ruining my muscle gains? The answer is simple. I can see you neglected the […]

Mental toughness training: is there power in positive thinking?

Yesterday I interviewed Shannon Miller, the “most winning” women’s hockey coach in history. I asked him how he builds confidence in his athletes. What is your secret mental toughness training workout? She said: “I get to know each player and their strengths. I focus on her strengths by being really positive with her. Then I […]

Cats Meowing: Why Do They Do It, What It Means, And How To Stop Unwanted Meowing

Cats do most of their meowing when they want something, but occasionally they meow to say hello. (Mine usually meows ‘hi’ when I get home from work. Although if I’m late it’s usually more of a ‘Where the hell have you been? I’m starving’ than a friendly hello). It is estimated that cats have approximately […]