Dare to say "I love you"

Some family and friendship interactions can be difficult and seemingly impossible to navigate. Jealousy, envy, pride, political beliefs, and personality differences can seem insurmountable. Unfortunately, hatred and resentment often blind us and make it impossible to reason or think clearly. I am in a place in life where I refuse to participate in family and […]

A conversation with the archangel Metatron about angels and God

My wife, Jill is an Avatar; a trance channeler. It has the ability to raise your vibrational energy to that of the Angelic Realm and allow you to communicate through it. She goes into a trance and I can have conversations with Archangels, Ascended Masters, Angels and intelligent Light Beings from other planets. This is […]

Where to Find the Music and Dance Classes For Toddlers in Singapore

Music and Dance Classes For Toddlers in Singapore The Arts and Entertainment Complex (AEC) in Central Business District has a very interesting music and dance class for toddlers. “MADDspace is among the top performing Arts School for Kids & Teenagers in Singapore. The school was established in 2021 with the mission of creating a safe […]

Beta glucan perhaps one of the most powerful immunity boosters known to science

Beta glucan is a naturally occurring substance found in baker’s yeast, oats, barley, and various mushrooms. It is recognized by the FDA and given a GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) rating. Beta glucan is generally taken on an empty stomach. To be effective, beta glucan must be processed first, as it cannot be easily used […]

Flowmaster Super 40 Series Muffler Review

There are many who are considering purchasing an aftermarket muffler for their vehicle. There is so much to choose from, all with its unique benefits and sound. I bought the Flowmaster Super 40 Series muffler. Flowmaster claims it to be one of their loudest high-flow silencers. According to Flowmastermufflers.com “The Super 40 has that” deep […]

Clinical evidence of glioblastoma mutliform treatment plans

A compilation of survivor stories for people with brain cancer and specifically GBM. Most of the survivors listed used natural and / or homeopathic treatments. There are also stories of people who only did traditional treatments: chemotherapy and radiation. Unfortunately, there are not too many survivors who have used chemotherapy and radiation for more than […]

Top 3 Tips for a Bigger Flaccid (Hanging) Penis Size (and the Best Method to Put It All Together)

I am sure you would love to have a huge penis erection that is long, thick, rock hard, attractive and muscular looking. I’m right? Well, you are certainly not alone with this highly sought after goal that most men have. That being said, I’m pretty sure if you want to have a huge erection, you […]

Chord Extension Guitar Music Theory Lesson

Major and minor guitar chord extensions At their core, major and minor chords are built from triads consisting of root, third, and fifth intervals (1 3 5). These intervals are derived from the main scale and are named according to their scale degree. Other notes, or extensions, of the major scale can be added to […]