Unusual Friendship Show Stories: How an Overweight Teenager Made Beautiful Friends

Ask a hundred people and you will get 100 different stories about friendship. For some people, making friends is as easy and natural as breathing. For others, it is much more difficult. They are different in some way, and cannot or will not fit in with the people around them. Those people with few or […]

Replacing the air in your vehicle tires with nitrogen gas can save you money during the holidays

Travelers can not only save money on gas by replacing the air in their car and RV tires with nitrogen gas, but they can also save money on their daily driving. Research shows that drivers can improve their gas mileage by more than three percent when using nitrogen in their motor vehicle tires. This is […]

Car Insurance Tips: 5 Car Insurance Tips to Save Money

Here are some great tips that could save you money on auto insurance. 1. Increase your deductible One way to save money on car insurance is to increase your deductible. A higher deductible will result in a lower premium. Just remember that you will have to pay the deductible in case of an accident. So […]

Car insurance, gas prices and the economy

I don’t know about you, but every time I’ve paid another bill and the financial situation seems to soften a bit, there’s always another financial hurdle to get over again. Take the recent increase in gas prices. Although some claim that it is insignificant, this is definitely not the case. Aside from the usual homeowner […]

Disqualify sales leads to facilitate sales cycles

As a salesperson who needs to commission and hit quota, we’re usually in a mode where we’re telling sales prospects why our products are right for them. But if the lead isn’t moving in the direction or at the speed you’d like, it can be powerful to do the opposite and disqualify the prospect by […]

Land Rover Freelander 2 Lands SUV Award

What do awards and recognition do with vehicles and vehicle brands? Well, these awards don’t just gather dust on the shelf or cabinet of these vehicle manufacturers. Such means of recognition actually serve as a good way to tell vehicle manufacturers that they did a great job on the award-winning vehicle or vehicle product, like […]