How to Choose the Right Design for a Cleaning Company Business Card

Cleaning Company Business Card A cleaning company business card is an effective marketing tool that enables you to reach out to a broad audience of potential customers. These cards are affordable and easy to make, and they help you promote your business in a unique way. They are a great way to communicate your services […]

Overcome the closed communication climate in organizations

Research has consistently shown that this close communication climate in organizations has these six distinct characteristics: 1. EMPLOYEES ARE NOT VALUED Employees here are not a repository of information. They are not overly listened to and feel that they are making significant contributions in their workplaces. How you listen to them will determine, to a […]

Top 6 Requirements for Pink Sheets Shares to Upgrade to NASDAQ

Many investors are unclear on the requirements for Pink Sheets shares and how they can be upgraded to the NASDAQ. In order to be listed on NASDAQ, companies must meet strict standards including being registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), acquiring at least three market makers for their securities, and maintaining minimum requirements […]

The State of Florida Revolutionizes the Workers’ Compensation Market

Finding the right provider and coverage for workers’ compensation insurance is crucial for any business, anywhere. While it is not surprising that regulations change from place to place, what may be little news is that big changes sometimes occur within a local market in terms of both regulations as well as operators. That’s the case […]

Foreign national mortgages: aspects to consider

A foreign nationality mortgage refers to a loan for non-US residents. Even the government can make loans to non-residents of the states. Let’s find out more. First of all, if you are legally in the States, you can apply for the loan. However, for illegal residents, there is zero chance of success. The reason is […]

Creating a chart of accounts for a small restaurant

Independent restaurant owners often do their own bookkeeping. Even if they hire a professional accountant at the end of the year, they can save a considerable amount of money by taking care of the weekly tasks themselves. Setting up a chart of accounts to suit the restaurant’s needs generally requires customizing the default settings for […]