The perennial question of nonprofits: to send a holiday card or not to send a holiday card

Sending a vacation card or not sending a vacation card, that’s the question. Every year since 1991 I have struggled with this question, not personally but professionally. My family sends Christmas cards to family, friends, and a few acquaintances. That’s not a problem, it’s a good way to share news, convey best wishes, and generally […]

Tips for starting your own external business blog

Starting a blog for your business offers many advantages for all types of companies. A blog for your company can help establish a better reputation for your brand, as well as promote awareness of your company. Year external blogHowever, you can achieve that and more. These types of blogs help increase the number of visitors […]

Common Salvage Vehicle Problems to Avoid

A salvaged car is one that has been severely damaged in an accident and is declared irreparable by the insurance company. The insurance company declaring these cars pays you the maximum market value of the car and auction it to the highest bidders. These vehicles receive a special title. These salvage titled vehicles have much […]

Overview of Qualitative Data Collection Techniques in International Market Research

This article is intended to be a brief review and reminder of some valuable, though often overlooked, techniques for gathering data on international markets and consumers. When you think about market research, surveys are most likely the first technique that comes to mind. However, surveys are quantitative research, and to understand customer behavior and the […]