5 Qualities Beginning Event Organizers Can Learn From Michael Cerbelli

To be successful in any life job, you need a mentor to motivate you to achieve your dreams. According to research from STATISTIC BRAIN, people who are clearly determined are 10 times more likely to achieve their goals than those who are not. New York event planner Michael Cerbelli is a born event planner, I […]

How to turn your blog into “the” blog

How to turn your blog into “the” blog Although blogging is still considered a less professional subgenre of the news industry, the truth is that blogging has almost replaced the mainstream media channels in terms of reach. Even so-called respected publishers have turned to blogging as a constant source of alternative income. But what makes […]

The basis of the market intelligence KPI

Market intelligence is about what is being sold in a market climate characterized by intense competition and constant change. These should include data on competing products, competing internal processes, market size, market shares, customer preferences, areas for potential expansion, and marketing strategies. Market intelligence KPIs provide an accurate analysis of the data collected on these […]

The Hard Truth About Direct Response Copywriting

Direct response copywriters tend to talk about direct response copywriting like it’s magic or a miracle … as if it could turn an otherwise uninterested person into a demon just jonesin ‘for their product or service. Is not true. Copy is not the only factor here. It’s not even the the most important factor. Here […]

Church Marketing – YouTube and the Church – Should They Go Together?

As you probably know, YouTube is one of several video sharing sites on the internet where anyone, including you or even your church, can upload videos for others to view. Both large and small companies have used this type of service to promote their products or services. There are 100 million videos viewed. daily! What […]

A Proper Guide to Getting Maximum Visibility for Your LinkedIn Profile

A simple underused account will never serve the purpose of the account holder on LinkedIn. Users need to follow simple basic steps to get the necessary attention and visibility for their LinkedIn profiles that have an impressive impact on visitors. 1. Basic entries for the profile: A person’s LinkedIn profile is a reflection of their […]