Relaxed Luxury Vintage

Laid Back Vintage Luxury, a stunning waterfront home designed with open spaces so everyone feels accessible and connected. Large cusped windows accented with ancient Indian arches showcase the spectacular ocean views. Relaxed, understated and informal interiors, perfect for entertaining or simply spending a relaxing afternoon reading your favorite book to the music of nature. A […]

"It’s like rubbing honey on Keira Knightley!" – How to use irresistible metaphors to sell more

Imagine if you could slip into bed with your client, late at night when she’s in her pajamas, and whisper love poems about your brand, without all those messy arrests and subsequent trials… Imagine if your stories were so psychologically compelling that customers would use them to sell their proposition to themselves… And then brag […]

The revamped hybrid model or get more than you pay for!

Many of us have traded in our old gas guzzling vehicles to help save the environment (and some money, too). After surviving a summer of ridiculous heat and rain, even I am beginning to believe that global warming may have some validity! So, in addition to owning a hybrid car, I thought a lot about […]

Do-It-Yourself Staging Tips for Home Sellers

The buzzword today among residential real estate agents is staging. Home staging can change the atmosphere of a home which attracts homebuyers which can bring a higher price and speed up time to market. By adding small decorative touches, rearranging or removing furniture, or creating vignettes, a home can look like a professional set designer […]

Solar LED Lights – Eco-friendly and economical lighting option for all homes and commercial units

Today, traditional fluorescent or halogen lamps and bulbs face stiff competition from solar LED lights. And why not, solar lights have proven to be a potential energy saver allowing people to save money on monthly electric bill. Solar light bulbs use the energy of the sun to illuminate internal and external parts of houses, offices, […]

Luxury furniture designs for your modular kitchen

You have finally decided on a modular equipment for your kitchen because you have finally realized that a kitchen is not really a luxury but a necessity for a modern and current lifestyle. After all, why shouldn’t it be like this? Kitchens are essentially modern kitchen furniture designs, usually pre-designed and consisting of separate storage […]