Avoid replacing kitchen cabinets – replace them on your own to save cash

If you are considering a kitchen remodel, an easy and inexpensive way to do the job yourself is to start with the cabinets. Replacing kitchen cabinets is an expensive part of the remodel, however repainting them will save you a great deal of money. Shopping is the place to start. You will need to get […]

Replace a kitchen countertop

A new kitchen countertop can add to the appearance of your kitchen and enhance its functionality. The material options for your new countertop differ in aesthetic appeal, required maintenance, strength, and applicability. There is something for all owners’ tastes and budgets. Comparison of materials To select the most suitable material for your new kitchen countertop, […]

Remove old cabinets that were built in place with nails

Periodically, we will need to remove an old set of kitchen or vanity cabinets that were fastened and installed with nails instead of screws. If this is the case with your remodel project, you will NOT be able to save the cabinets to install elsewhere. When you’re done taking them out, there will only be […]

Old World Style Kitchen Designs

With the emergence of new styles and modern conveniences, today’s kitchens have undergone a complete transformation. Along with the appliances, the tile, tabletop and kitchen worktop assemblies have also been refurbished. Even so, there are certain people who prefer to give their kitchens an authentic and traditional look and thus Old World style kitchens have […]

2010’s Most Expensive Valentine’s Day Gift List – An Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift List

Whether Americans like to admit it or not, we all have a bit of hopeless romance in our hearts. With love in the air, Americans find it irresistible to flaunt their affection. Jim Trippon, CPA and one of America’s leading authorities on the money habits of self-made millionaires, has published his ultimate Valentine’s Day gift […]

Learning all about pearl blue granite

Pearl blue granite is a useful and beneficial option when people want to install granite countertops in their kitchen. Granite is perhaps the second strongest stone in the world and is a popular building material. Blue granites are the rarest and therefore the most expensive of the granites that can be found throughout the world. […]