Solar Fairy Lights: 3 Disadvantages Of Using Solar Fairy Lights

In fact, the flaws in the given product seem to get attention. However, there are very few products in which it is really difficult to find the flaws or disadvantages. However, this time I found one of those products. Solar fairy lights are one product that you really have to look for the downsides of […]

10 (almost) free things you can do to stage your home

I’m totally serious! Many people think that staging costs too much money, but honey, there are so many free and low-cost solutions that will make your home look super fabulous for your photo shoot and have buyers swoon when they see your home in person. And honestly, getting your house ready for your online listing […]

Granite Driveways: A Practical Approach to Successful Results

In shopping centers perhaps, but not so much in private gardens. Some people who don’t like gardens clearly jump at the chance and remove any evidence of greenery and replace it with wall-to-wall parking. Fortunately, most people prefer to retain some aspect, however modest, of a landscaped area within the new road scheme. Fortunately, many […]

10 tips for choosing and hanging a door

1. Inside or Outside Interior doors differ from exterior doors by two main factors. The first is the thickness of the door. Exterior doors are thicker than interior doors, typically 1 ¾” 44mm or more depending on style and security requirements, while interior doors tend to range from 1 3/8″ 35mm to 1 5/8 40mm. […]

Indian home decor – Punjabi interiors for your home

If you’ve ever heard of India, chances are you’ve heard a lot about Punjab. Easily one of the most famous states in India for its vibrant culture and hard-working people, Punjab is one of the leading states in the country. Nature’s bounty has made this land India’s food plate, and the hard-working people have made […]

Interior Design: The art of defining your inner creativity!

I believe that creativity resides in everything, the way you dress, the way you talk, the food you cook, the way you write, the way we express our thoughts and even the way you arrange the furniture in your home. Interior design is an art to define your thoughts, personality and creativity. Everyone has a […]

Create a color scheme easily

The hardware store has hundreds of paint chips on display; Finding the paint color that will look great in your home seems downright impossible. However, professional interior designers do exactly that every day. They sort through mountains of paint chips to find the one that fits a space perfectly. How do interior designers do it? […]

Black kitchen cabinets can change the look of your kitchen

Thinking of painting those kitchen cabinets black, right? It’s a great look. Very sophisticated, really makes the cabinets stand out. It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is contemporary or traditional, painting your kitchen cabinets black can give it that rustic-yet-chic look that can be so difficult to achieve otherwise. A white countertop, to offset the […]