For Sale By Owners (FSBO) – Tips for Buying and Selling Homes

Traditionally, home buyers and sellers have retained the services of a real estate agent or brokerage firm, a trend that continues to be popular. However, the concept of FSBO (For Sale By Owner), in which the sale transaction is made directly between the home owner and a potential buyer, is becoming more and more popular. […]

Boat and Vessel Title Insurance – Protect Your Investment in Boats

Just as property titles are subject to registration errors, pre-existing liens, and other encumbrances, boat and boat titles can have hidden issues that can present a liability to new boat owners. The best way for boat, yacht and boat buyers to protect themselves from these liabilities is to purchase title insurance. Agencies that provide this […]

Water meters at the point of use

Point of Use (POU) meters are designed to provide a submetering solution for those properties that cannot be submetered with conventional submeters due to plumbing designs that bring multiple pipes into the apartment or office (stacked pipes). The meters were specifically designed for stacked standpipe configurations typically found on properties that use a central boiler […]

4 serious problems that rehabilitators find in real estate investment

In many parts of the country, rehabbers are having trouble selling their inventories due to new problems they haven’t faced in years. Concern is growing among rehabbers with more than 2-5 properties in inventory that they may get locked into these properties and lose money when their homes finally sell. A little planning on four […]

2018 Timeshare Contract Cancellation: Can I Cancel My Timeshare?

WHY DOES THIS MATTER YOU ASK? Timeshare cancellation is the hottest topic of 2018 among timeshare owners. The 2018 timeshare cancellation is bigger news than “Lebron James” signing with the Los Angles Lakers for $154 million. Owners have spent over 5 times that amount in 2017 to increase Maintenance fees. They have finally reached their […]

Simplify your real estate investment: Why satisfy your real estate investment needs?

Are you operating your own rental portfolio? Tired of vetting your tenants and fully checking them out to make sure you’re getting solid income streams? Are you trying to find properties where the numbers work? Do you think it would be wise to enter into an agreement with a professional property manager to limit the […]

Are you facing foreclosure? Bankruptcy could help!

You’ve been laid off, recently faced a medical issue or had a family emergency, and now funds are tight. He may have missed a mortgage payment for a couple of months in a row, and now the bank is threatening him with foreclosure, and he just doesn’t have the cash on hand to catch up. […]