Protect yourself against unprofessional owners

Bad landlords are an unfortunate part of many tenants’ lives, but there are ways to protect yourself from their bad manners, unethics, rudeness, and lame excuses. An unpleasant or difficult landlord makes you really appreciate finding a better place to live with highly professional rental staff. It pays to be careful when you find an […]

The Power of “Non-liable Debt” for a Real Estate Investor

Isn’t it great that today there are so many ways to obtain financing for real estate investment projects? That’s important since sellers want to get paid for their houses when they sell them … right? Now, just because there are what appears to be an infinite number of funding sources, it doesn’t mean those funds […]

Good times and real life in housing projects

Every time I watch the opening credits of the classic sitcom, “Good Times,” it always reminds me that the housing projects shown are no longer there. The notorious Cabrini Green projects were demolished in 2011. The Evans family lived in one of those buildings, but the housing project they lived in was never called by […]

Bathtub restoration fumes: how to protect yourself

Bathtub refinishing is increasingly being used by hotels, apartment complexes, and homeowners due to the housing recession, mortgage collapse, and an overall depressed and depressing economy as a way to save money on renovation. of their bathrooms. Another interest in re-glazing is being driven by informed masses who have shown a continuing interest in “greening” […]

How An Interest Notice Can Save Your Real Estate Investment Business

The letters NOI stand for Notice of Interest or are sometimes incorrectly referred to as a Memorandum of Agreement or MOC. It is usually a one-page document that states that the person presenting the document for registration with the County Clerk’s Office has an equitable interest in a property because of a signed contract of […]