If they can’t find it online, chances are they won’t find it at all.

Online marketing for Las Vegas businesses is an operational imperative that cannot be overlooked in today’s world. We live in a world of smartphones, netbooks, iPads, laptops, and even the now outdated desktop computers at home and work. A business can no longer rely its marketing efforts solely on paper flyers, newsletters, magazines, newspapers, and […]

Doujinshi: A Platform for Artistic Freedom and a Gateway to the Professional Manga Industry

Doujinshi are amateur manga created in small numbers by art circles and sold at specific conventions. Some of these conventions are small in scale, while others are notoriously large. The largest doujinshi convention – Comic Market (or Comiket for short) attracted more than 590 thousand attendees in December 2011. Doujinshi can feature characters from popular […]

Prepaid Mobile: The Best Mobile Plans Without Contract Of 2014

As you may know, cell phone plans are getting more expensive every month. Among many struggling households, these price increases have taken their toll, causing many people to look for less expensive phone plans. Since the deregulation of telecommunications markets began to unfold more than 20 years ago, we have seen the communications market change […]

How to do digital marketing for local businesses

Local marketing can work for any online business, whether you’re really just local to the place you want to market to or you’re a global business. Start a local niche group on Facebook The remarkable thing about Facebook is that you can create as many groups as you want. You can create them for different […]

Comparing Apple’s iPhone 6S to the original iPhone 6

After months of anticipation, Apple has recently unveiled its new sibling to the iPhone 6: the inevitable iPhone 6S. Looking nearly identical to its predecessor, we’re here to see what’s changed on the inside and whether it’s worth the expensive upgrade. Design As mentioned, there isn’t much of a change at all. The new iPhone […]

Global outreach for grieving families and friends

Typically, the only way distant family members, friends, and anyone else who cares can say goodbye to a loved one is by making a phone call, sending a card or flowers, or passing on their condolences and condolences. Well not yet. Now, thanks to the latest webcasting technologies, anyone from all over the world can […]

Screenwriting: What You Say Is What They Get

There are no rules to screenwriting; however, like in jazz, there are certain things that happen a lot. If you want to be a successful screenwriter, you should at least familiarize yourself with these rules, even if you choose to ignore them. Incidentally, I posted on Twitter recently describing how, while cycling through Amsterdam that […]

Sony VAIO VPCZ12BGX – an amazing new laptop from Sony

When you buy a Sony VAIO VPCZ12BGX, you’ll immediately start enjoying the powerful performance of an Intel Core i5-520M, the next revolution in hybrid graphics where Intelligent Auto Configuration automatically selects which power mode to use. With your new laptop, enjoying your photos and home videos has never been simpler, using the exceptionally smart and […]