Phone repairs that save you from incurring costs on a new device

Today, smartphones are very high-end devices on the market. But like any other device, they are prone to damage. Falls and slips are the most common problems causing damage to phones and other handheld devices. Even if you have a cover on your device to protect it, the way it falls can still cause noticeable […]

WoW TCG Loot Cards: Why Going To A Darkmoon Faire Event Is Your Best Chance To Get Free WoW TCG Loot

Looking to get popular WoW TCG loot cards like Spectral Tiger for a low price? Then check out a World of Warcraft Trading Card Game Darkmoon Faire event near you. Darkmoon Fair events are monthly mini-conventions run by Cryptozoic Entertainment, giving away tens of thousands of dollars in WoW TCG loot at every Darkmoon Fair. […]

The Perfect Cell Phone In America For 2018: The 13 Leading Smartphones

My best modern phone on the status list for 2018 featured well-known brands such as Apple, Samsung, and Google on the main page, but figuring out which smartphone to buy is also a challenge. To dig into a directory of my favorites in the states for March 2018, based on a newly updated status system […]

Siri is perfect? You will be the judge

By now, everyone has heard the deafening noise surrounding Siri, Apple’s headline-grabbing virtual assistant and the key selling point of the new iPhone 4S. Most people have probably seen the TV commercials in which people from all consumer demographics turn to Siri with a seemingly limitless list of tasks, from texting loved ones to setting […]

9 tablet features that will impress your boss

Tablets are extremely popular and it’s not hard to see why. They are convenient, easy to use, and very mobile. However, buying a tablet is not easy. Some popular options include Surface Pro, iPad, Kindle Fire HD, Google Nexus 7, Dell XPS, Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700, Lenovo tablet, and Samsung Galaxy Note tablet. Also, […]