Basketball Court Floor Facts

The brainchild of Canadian-American sports coach Dr. James Naismith in late 1891, basketball was first played at the YMCA (now Springfield College) Training School in Massachusetts. Naismith had been tasked with finding a way to keep children active indoors during the harsh New England winters. After some trial and error, the game was invented and […]

Five things you may not know about rams and eagles Gran Roman Gabriel

Roman Gabriel had a long and impressive career in the National Football League. He had a strong arm and a lot of courage, usually playing a big part in the outcome of his team’s games. He played for both the Los Angeles Ram and Philadelphia Eagles during his time in the National Football League, and […]

Deplorable garbage or amazing genius? the irreversible film

Tipper Gore, bring out the big guns. ‘Irreversible’ is here, and he just threw a great first punch. No amount of boycotts, pickets, bans, or insults could stop this searing piece of moral certainty from landing, smoking, on the doors of video stores across the country. I have seen it myself. I walked to the […]

ICC Cricket World Cup-2019: When the umpire wanted Gayle to go!

The above headline is not an accusation, it is just an observation based on hard facts. However, this observation reflects negatively on umpiring standards at the world’s biggest cricket event. We had recently seen ridiculous refereeing mistakes in Indian Premiere League-2019. The ICC Cricket World Cup can hardly be compared to the previous one, and […]

Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino’s favorite receivers

Few quarterbacks come close to the career numbers the great Dan Marino was able to put up during his career. He began his career in 1983 and retired after the 1999 season. He played each of his years in the National Football League with the Miami Dolphins and when he retired held most major passing […]

Top 3 Quotes About Money That Will Change Your Life

“All the rich have their origin in mind. Wealth is in ideas, not in money.” -Roberto Collier Robert Collier is a 20th century self-help book author. He wrote a lot about success and how it is strongly related to ideas. People like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates are not rich because of an inheritance but […]