A Little Google Adwords Secret to Double, Even Triple Your Lead Generation Conversion

If you’ve been advertising your business opportunity or product online for a while, you probably already know that Google AdWords can be a great way to drive traffic to your lead generation campaign. You’ll probably agree that driving traffic to your landing or lead capture page is the easy part… Actually, getting that traffic to […]

Comparing the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy R

In this article, I’ll provide an overview and comparison of the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy R. On the surface, these phones look very similar, but there are a few more differences than you might think. Appearance-wise, the two are nearly identical, sharing the same shape and color scheme. Both have the same Android hotkeys […]

YouTube for Businesses: 5 Powerful Strategies for Social Media Marketing Success

Social media has changed the face of marketing and online video, YouTube in particular, is a big part of that. Here are 5 critical YouTube strategies for businesses so you can make the most of this opportunity, and it’s an extraordinary time: today, 87% of internet users watch video content every month, and that percentage […]

Palm Treo 750 WM6 Free Update

Now you can have what I call the moldy green donut on your Treo 750, that new Microsoft symbol, which replaces the waving flag in the WM6 operating system. Upgrade your Treo 750 Windows Mobile 5 system to Windows Mobile 6. Long promised and finally available as a free download at [http://www.palm.com/us/support/downloads/treo750update/att.html]. It’s actually been […]

Inbound Marketing: 4 things every company should do

Why your company should incorporate these 4 elements in its marketing activities. If you want to be successful in getting low-cost or even no-cost leads that convert into sales and profits, here are 4 areas to include. What are these 4 essential components? social media. At a minimum, you must have a Twitter account and […]

Programming of computer applications

Application programming is a good place to start programming if you like to create substantial programs. For example, you could create a simple game app. Application programming is more difficult at first, but it can be much more powerful in the right hands. While web development knowledge can only be used to create programs that […]