How to make your crush jealous – Warning: these tips will make your crush love you

Jealousy is not exactly classified as a good trait. However, when you make someone jealous, it sure can attract their attention. Are you in love and would you like to draw more attention from him or her? If so, you must learn to make the person you like jealous. Before we get started on this, we would like to tell you not to take it too far or you could screw things up. Just by following these simple tips that we are about to give you, you will make your crush jealous enough.

First things first, if you are a girl then drool over those guys when your crush is around. If you are a boy, do the opposite and drool over those girls. When your crush is around, talk about the physical appearance of the boys or girls. For example, say what you think and how nice the muscles, legs, smile, eyes and sense of style of the other boys / girls are. That is sure to get their attention and make them jealous.

When your main squeeze is in the other room, flirt with other guys or girls. Make fun of them and show them that you really like that you are having fun. Would you like to go a little further? If so, touch the other boy / girl’s arm, hug them and give them an innocent kiss.

This one will really do it in … ignore the guy or girl you like. When you are not paying attention to someone, yes, this can be insulting, but it will make you appear even more attractive. For whatever reason, people want what they can’t have. When they call you, take a couple of hours to answer them. When they ask you to go out with them, say that you are busy, but you will try to include them in that schedule. How to make the person you like jealous is very easy, because jealousy is something that comes naturally.

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