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Who are the owners of the Phillies?

One of Philadelphia’s best-kept secrets is the phantom group of people we vaguely call Phillies owners. The Phillies’ ownership group remains more of a mystery in this city than Bigfoot or the Bermuda Triangle. While winning the World Series in 2008 took away a ton of criticism from Phillies owners, fans renewed their hatred for […]

Why Noah Was Shot In Icelandic Photographers’ Paradise

The country of Iceland, an isolated Scandinavian island located in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, is known to be the least densely populated country in all of Europe. It has a wild and very special geography with geologically active areas, out of this world lava fields, cloudy mountains and the cleanest glacial rivers steaming with wild fish. […]

Will all next-gen Google pixels fit with Dragon 835?

Google created the biggest problem in 2016. Google has started to actively participate in the hardware industry. At the center of the problem was the Google Pixel. Of course, Google didn’t produce directly from the hardware production line, but it was a smartphone that Google made throughout the process. Despite being the first smartphone, the […]

Luxury bohemian interiors and furniture

The relaxed and luxurious bohemian interiors are the perfect balance to the enigma of city life. Aesthetically appealing with a hint of history, the elegant bohemian home is as unpredictable and unique as its owner. Impeccable style and luxurious decor, the bohemian vibe continues from room to room. Designing with ancient architectural arches and antique […]

Christmas gift ideas and stocking fillers for photographers

An expert photographer shares his popular annual list of gift ideas to help give you some ideas for the photographer on your holiday shopping list. However, these are not just normal things, but interesting things that will ask, “Wow, where did you find this?” Finding a gift for a photographer can be tricky: where does […]

How To Find The Best Among Free Printable Coloring Pages

In today’s world, kids and toddlers constantly need innovative things to explore their creative ability. Also, parents love to see their children engaged in such creative activities. They show a great interest in developing such habits in their children. One of those ways to keep kids busy is to indulge them in the art of […]

A warning from our narcissistic culture

The world seems to be completely obsessed with self-improvement. Whether it’s making more money or living longer, the marketing world of raw capitalism seen on any online website tries to sell you something. Their motivation to sell any product or service is based on our narcissistic culture. We all seem more concerned with any service […]