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The 5 classes of hitches and their maximum load capacities

With the right trailer hitch, you can turn your vehicle into a road trip ready trailer hauling machine! But to choose the correct trailer hitch, you must first know what kind of hitch matches your tow vehicle. In fact, it is also important to consider some additional factors that influence the kind of hitch you […]

Put in time and energy protected pockets – for (and with) your family and friends

Good God, Charlie Brown! Families run like crazy, and it’s chaotic, to say the least. Here’s my question: Is this the experience that you want your kids, nieces, nephews, parents, and friends to remember about any time they spent with you, that is, that it is chaotic and crazy? Hmmm …. I think not. So […]

Why choose a walking doll for your little girl? Little Mommy Walk and Giggle doll is so much fun

Every time a girl plays with her dolls, she always wants them to be more realistic and realistic. After all, playing with dolls is one way a little girl can pretend to be a mom and create all kinds of imaginative situations. It’s also a great way for a little girl to learn all kinds […]

Bowflex Treadclimber Vs Treadmill – Which One Is Right For You?

The Bowflex Treadclimber is a very popular twist on the traditional treadmill. Instead of a main belt, use two double pedals that rise to meet your feet as you walk. The main benefit of Treadclimber is that it burns calories up to 3 times faster than walking on a flat treadmill. So you see very […]

Yoke-Thay Pwe, Burmese Puppet Theater

The theme of the Burmese theater ‘Pwe’, in general, and the Burmese puppet theater ‘Yoke-Thay Pwe’, in particular, is definitely very interesting but also very complex. Therefore, it is difficult to deal with it sufficiently in the form of an article. After all, entire books with hundreds of pages have been written on this subject. […]

Mobile Web Apps vs. Native Apps: Which One Is Better?

Bottom Browser-based mobile applications vs. native applications. It is a serious debate of about three years. And pretty much since the beginning of that debate, there has been a general undercurrent among the internet community that browser based is good and native is bad. But Native dominates despite serious downsides, and browser-based applications need to […]

Avoid these toxic chemicals found in your laundry detergent

There’s nothing like a new load of clean, scented clothes. Unfortunately, underneath those pleasant scents and squeaky cleanliness lies a dirty secret. Common laundry detergents from grocery stores are little more than a mix of toxic chemicals. They do the work, but at the cost of their health and that of their family. What’s more, […]