Siberian husky breed standard

The Siberian husky is not actually one of the largest or heaviest dog breeds of the most popular. They just appear to be very large due to their presence and strong resemblance to wolves. They have the shape of the body, the shape of the tail and the shape of the ears like wolves. Their brains are about twenty percent smaller than those of wolves and they are not physically capable of making all the intricate facial expressions that wolves can make. And they are much friendlier than wolves.

Siberian husky breeders try to breed their puppies to more closely recall the breed standard. A breed standard is a written or artistic description of an ideal representative of the breed (something like one of Plato’s “ideals”). Ninety-nine percent of all Siberian Huskies will not meet the breed standard. in some way (usually in size, build, or coat), but breeders try to get as close to that ideal as possible.

Not all Siberian Huskies are the same, but they do share certain characteristics in physical appearance and character. The most obvious physical trait is that they resemble a small wolf. Even if they have floppy ears and ruffled coats, most Siberian Huskies still have a wolf stare that pierces you. You can almost hear the wind blowing when you look at my face. Although famous for its ice blue eyes, a Siberian husky can have brown or oddly colored eyes.

They are medium-sized dogs, generally fifty pounds, graceful and athletic. They are square dogs, built to efficiently maintain body heat. They have double-layered coats that shed completely once or twice a year. They can come in almost every color in the canine rainbow (Harlequin is the only color that hasn’t been seen, yet). They should look strong and ready to run. Their tails are usually sickle-shaped, but can often go completely straight or curly.

The Siberian husky often shares certain temperamental characteristics, which vary in degree from dog to dog. There is a breed personality that is listed as the official part of the breed standard that most breeders try to follow. Knowing the breed standard can help you determine if you can successfully live with a Siberian husky. They are certainly not the right dog for everyone.

According to reliable sources on Siberian Husky information (owners and rescue organizations), Huskies are calm and serious dogs that are very bad watchdogs. They need a lot of exercise or they will destroy your house. They need to see a sense in obeying any command. This is a dog that can think for itself. You can’t be a coward with these dogs or they will give you orders. You may need professional training with a Siberian husky. They are not recommended for first time dog owners.

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