The Midtown Manhattan Experience

Thanks in part to the ladies of Sex and the City, New York and Manhattan in particular have gained a lot of popularity around the world as most of the locations shown were genuine Midtown Manhattan locations, not that the Big Apple suffered. ever little publicity.

Nicknamed the ‘city that never sleeps’, New York and especially Midtown Manhattan has so much to do that it’s no wonder the city never seems to sleep. Home to the famous Rockefeller Center, Broadway, and Times Square, Midtown, as it is commonly known, is also home to the tallest building in the city, the world-renowned Empire State Building, and the Chrysler Building. Midtown is packed with some of the best hotels and restaurants, like Ruby Foo’s, Planet Hollywood Restaurant and Bar, to name a few, and it also boasts of having the largest central business district in New York.

Midtown is a hub of activity as it also has the famous shopper’s paradise Fifth Avenue, home to giants like Saks and Tiffany, Sixth Avenue, and the heart of the American Theater, which is Times Square. Times Square is unique in that it is the only neighborhood that has a zoning ordinance that requires building owners to display illuminated signs. The annual fall of the New Year’s Eve ball has been held since 1907 and the ball symbolizes New Year’s Day.

The Museum of Modern Art is the place for modern and contemporary art by world-renowned artists. Visitors can delight in the art and sculpture galleries and exhibits that can be found in Midtown. Plus, the movie fan is in luck, as there are plenty of hassle-free and commercial-free exclusive movies available at independent theaters in Midtown Manhattan.

Madame Tussauds is also based in Times Square, which is an attraction that children enjoy the most as they can pose for pictures with their favorite ‘stars’ and hopefully trick their friends at home into thinking they have been very up close and personal with the stars. Another place of interest for children would be the Museum of Television and Radio, which is located on Fifth Avenue and 53rd Street and has a large collection of old media.

The Magnolia Bakery on Sixth Avenue is the place to have a cupcake as it is the place made famous by Sex and the City. This bakery is accessible to anyone who wants to have a little Sex and the City experience! Don’t worry, though visitors aren’t limited to muffins, as cookies, banana pudding, cakes and tarts are also on offer.

The great thing about Midtown Manhattan accommodations and hotels is that they offer a variety to fit absolutely any budget. High-end luxury hotels cater to those who prefer to be pampered, while budget hotels are ideal for visitors simply looking for a place to store their luggage and a place to spend the night. Manhattan would take more than a day to enjoy it if you want to do it thoroughly and in style. Every experience revered for its uniqueness is to be savored and enjoyed.

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