Why fabric swatches are so important

Redecorating the house often involves a lot of decision making; Not only do you need to choose the right paint colors for the walls and the right floor for your room, but you also need to choose furniture, accessories, and upholstery materials to match.

If you are just choosing a new upholstery fabric or curtain material to replace existing fabrics in your home, the task may be simpler, but there are still an overwhelming number of options available to you. In all situations, obtaining sample watches for the fabrics you are interested in is vitally important for a great result.

The first reason this type of sample material is so important is that it comes in handy when ordering discounted designer fabrics online or from a catalog. Although shopping this way often means much more convenience, the downside is that you can’t always get an idea of ​​the color of the product before it reaches your home.

One reason for this is that colors are often difficult to display correctly and accurately in print and digital, and in any case, fabrics tend to look different in various types of light anyway; Although that ‘cream’ fabric may appear ‘cream’ in natural light, artificial light can bring out an entirely different color look.

For this reason, obtaining material samples is crucial in allowing you to see what the color of the fabric actually looks like in your home and how it looks in various natural and artificial light conditions. Many times the color will be correct, but in other situations it may be completely different than what you expected.

Getting fabric swatches first is also important as it gives you an idea of ​​the fabric’s texture and durability, which can be helpful for many reasons. If you plan to upholster your furniture, you probably want the material to have a certain feel and to be durable enough.

Others want to be able to embroider and embellish their fabric, whether it’s to make custom curtains or to create unique cushions and pillows for the home. By grabbing a fabric swatch the person who has placed the order to test other customization techniques on the swatch to determine if it is suitable or not.

Some discounted designer fabrics may be too thin and flimsy to hold an embroidered pattern, while other premium fabrics may be too stiff and strong to allow for meaningful customization. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to have a real idea of ​​the fabric before placing a full order.

Lastly, it is crucial to ask for fabric samples before placing a final order because it is possible to compare different types of fabric side by side. Often times, our choice of fabric comes down to how many of our criteria meet. It is very difficult to know if we have made the right decision or not if we cannot see how the fabrics are compared to others that we are interested in.

With this in mind, ordering multiple fabric samples at once allows us to make a meaningful comparison of several different types of material on our shortlist. This will also allow us to designate a ‘backup’ option, in case our original choice is not available for some reason.

For the above reason, it’s worth the effort to get samples of your favorite upholstery or curtain material, whether it’s discounted designer fabrics or inexpensive options. Doing this will help you accurately assess the color and quality of the material, compare it to other fabrics, and determine whether or not it is suitable for the purpose you want to use it for.

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