Love at First Hiccup Movie Review

Love at First Hiccup is a 2009 romantic comedy starring Scout Taylor-Compton, Devon Werkheiser, Tania Verafield, Ken Luckey, and Adam J. Bernstein. The writers are Soren Frellesen, Dennis Jurgensen, and Barbara Topsoe-Rothenberg. The director is Barbara Topsoe-Rothenberg. The story follows a high school freshman named Victor, who has fallen in love with a beautiful senior […]

Criminal Justice Report Writing: Interviewing a Person with Special Needs

Police officers often encounter citizens with special needs, such as vision, hearing, or mobility problems. These tips will help you conduct an interview efficiently and effectively. 1. Use your voice appropriately. Many people start screaming without thinking when talking to a person in a wheelchair or someone who cannot see. Speak normally. (The same principle […]

Psychology of Color and a Stained Glass Fireplace Screen – RED (2 of 12)

RED, SCARLET, CARMESON, VERMILION, CARMINE, GARNET, BURGUNDY, CHESTNUT, BROWN, RUBY When we look at red for a period of time, our breathing speeds up, our heart rate increases, and our blood pressure increases. We are impatient to act. We fill up with energy. Our desires are awakened. We are passionate about a cause. We want […]

What is the best revenge for my husband’s lover?

I have written several articles exposing my experience after my husband’s adventure for all to read. I often receive emails from women in the same situation. Many ask me what is the best way to get revenge on the other woman and / or her husband. I understand these feelings because I felt them myself. […]

Meatloaf Recipe – Presulta – Christmas Traditions to Start With Kids

Most families serve traditional food that belongs to their heritage during the holidays. I am Scandinavian so we serve Scandinavian food. Scandinavians are known for their smorgasbord and that’s what I remember most as a child. Christmas traditions, to begin with with children in mind, are always the best reason to prepare a good meal […]

Why trucking companies want to work with freight forwarders

In the last 10 years, truck business owner operators have found themselves in a technological leap where we are all trying to learn, understand and, in most of our cases, install ELD technology in our trucks. Technology has slowed our delivery time with the ELD and HOS service hours mandate to the point that it […]

Caribbean-style tilapia with fresh lime

Escape from boring, ordinary fish recipes that just call for butter and a little lemon. This flavorful and delicious recipe will bring your taste buds to life as the flavors of the Caribbean combine to create a spicy and healthy meal. Enjoy this easy-to-make entrée with grilled plantains, black beans, and corn on the cob. […]