Can you eat chicken eggs straight from the chicken coop?

Can you eat chicken eggs straight from the chicken coop? Absolutely. Fresh eggs from backyard chicken flocks are often higher in nutrients and disease free than the factory farmed eggs sold in most grocery stores today. In fact, fresh eggs from backyard chicken flocks can even be eaten raw or used while still warm from […]

3 reasons to buy or give heart-shaped pendants

Properly matching jewelry can do wonders for your overall appearance and appeal, especially if the jewelry is a neckpiece. Whether you wear an elegant chain with a pendant or a heavy necklace for a special occasion, it is sure to add a perfect and attractive look to your overall appearance. Everyone has their own reason […]

Prolong orgasm – Herbs to increase libido and improve sex for longer

The herbs included will give you better, longer-lasting sexual intercourse and help you prolong your orgasm. As for men, they can have harder and longer lasting erections and they work for women too and here we will see how and why they work. You can buy naturally blended herbal sex pills that provide nutrients you […]

Narcissus and echo: the anguish of relationships with narcissists

The moving myth of Narcissus and Echo crystallizes the tragic problem of relationships with narcissists. They were Greek tragic characters in a story told by the Roman poet Ovid in Metamorphoses. Sadly, both partners are locked in a painful drama, where neither feels fulfilled or loved enough. Although it is distressing for both, the narcissist […]

Cellulite Reduction – Get rid of cellulite from your body naturally, easily and for free!

If a woman has large amounts of unsightly cellulite on her body during the summer, she can say goodbye to that good beach vacation! Why? Because the embarrassment of being seen in a bathing suit while riddled with cellulite is enough to kill! Not only does it destroy your self-confidence, but it can also make […]

My husband always compares me to other women. This hurts me. What I can do? information to help

I recently heard from a wife who was hurt by her husband’s constant comparisons between her and other women. At times, she compared her to her sisters, friends, co-workers, or acquaintances of hers. Other times, he compared her to complete strangers. She had been trying to ignore this for a while, but lately, it had […]

The Blastocystis hominis parasite: where does it live to cause so much trouble?

The Blastocystis Hominis parasite is basically a microscopic parasite that is transmitted via the faeces-oral-faeces mode. This is why Blastocystosis (the name given to the infection caused by this parasite) affects people who are exposed to poor hygiene and contaminated food or water. The main symptoms of the diseases are anal itching, diarrhea, excessive flatulence, […]

Buteyko breathing means the end of runny nose and asthma

Buteyko breathing is a clinically proven method of treating asthma, but did you know it can also stop a runny nose or free up a constantly stuffy nose? The September 2008 issue of the medical journal The Lancet featured a study that showed a link between rhinitis (runny nose, in medical terms) and asthma in […]