Halloween Trivia Questions – Monster Trivia

In Stoker’s original novel, the story begins with a young man on his way to Dracula’s castle. Where is the castle? Answer: Carpathian Mountains. The young man travels by coach to the castle that is high in the mountains. His purpose for the trip is to meet with the Count to close a business deal. […]

Identify your symptoms and you can get rid of the hangover

Most of the time it seems like a hangover varies, each and every time you get drunk. Too many beers and your stomach is about to burst the next day, too many liquors and you will have trouble seeing before going to work the next day. The reason hangover symptoms can vary greatly depends on […]

Makeup: creating focal points on your face

Many people think that they should put on makeup exactly like their friends do. While this is true, in terms of makeup application techniques like how to blend concealer or how to apply foundation smoothly and evenly, it couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to other color option considerations like applying makeup. […]

AIDS 101 – Billy’s Story – A surfer living with AIDS / HIV

How am I going to live my life if I am positive? Is it going to be a negative? Like many others his age, Billy grew up with little knowledge of AIDS. For years, the media continued to point to particular groups, mainly homosexuals and drug addicts, as the only people affected by the disease. […]

9 tips on how to read your sexual language

Is she flirting? Smiling? Eye contact? How to pick up on her flirting cues. Interpreting your sexual body language has never been easier. 1: She Starts Grooming – This is also known as making sure she looks her best. Standing more upright, folding the belly and pushing the breasts are spontaneous and instantaneous gestures that […]

Animal Spirit Guide – Panther Medicine – Astral Magic

Spirit of the Dark Moon astral world traveler. Magician master a seer of the secrets of the night. Metaphysical meaning Astral Travel, Spiritual, Secret, Silent, Elegant, Courage, Connected to the Moon, Solitary, Feminine, Ancient Mysticism, The Witch (wise old woman), Guardian Energy, Power and Strength, God of darkness, Courage, Old Soul, Recovery Power, Higher Telepathic […]

Help! I have a hangover! – Traditional and modern hangover cures

Who hasn’t had too many drinks the night before, gone to bed with a sunken head, and woken up in a strange place: in front of the toilet bowl, for example? Even when you’ve been irresponsible the night before, the rest of the world expects life to go on. Wouldn’t it be nice if there […]