What to have lunch? Try the peaches and banana

If you are looking for something to eat for lunch, try peaches and bananas. Not only will they fill you up, but you’ll also be consuming vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and still not gaining appreciable weight. Not bad if you are like me, not so young and watching everything you eat. Why not? After all, […]

Store your vegetables and fruits in your wooden garage

Wooden garages are good for more than just storing a car. More and more people are choosing to take their garage and turn it into a more functional space, using it for many different reasons, sometimes in addition to storing a vehicle. With the accessibility of double-width or larger wooden garages, this is a trend […]

Celebrating an Italian Heritage in East Harlem, New York: Part 2 of a 3-part series

Nonna and the importance of family Let’s not forget the traditional Sunday family gathering at Nonna’s house in the old quarter. Hmmmm … delicious. The enticing aromas of freshly made pasta and homemade meatballs and sausages welcomed you into the kitchen. While they cooked, Nonna simmered her remarkable homemade sauce in a skillet, adding basil […]

What is a boutique salon?

Boutiquing: the way of the future The beauty business is undergoing a big change for the better: salons are adding boutiques, complete fashion accessory centers that generate more sales and profits for their business. The key to your success? Boutiquing: a new salon service that complements traditional beauty services. Boutiquing enables stylists to transform themselves […]

The narcissistic mother’s accomplice

Narcissistic mothers and enabling fathers When the children don’t stand a chance Narcissistic mothers don’t have children for the right reasons. They are not caretakers. They have no maternal instincts or genuine love to give. For the narcissistic mother, children represent a captive narcissistic supply. Because the very survival of a young child is in […]

Melvin Tolson – Harlem Renaissance writer approaching Liberia

Melvin Beaunorus Tolson is an African American modernist poet, educator, columnist, and playwright whose work focused on the experience of African Americans and includes several poetic stories. He lived during the Harlem Renaissance and, although he did not participate, his work reflects his influences. Tolson’s year at Columbia University from 1931 to 1932 with a […]

The History of Body Piercing: Interesting Facts

Piercing is an ancient form of body modification. Almost all cultures have practiced it at some time and today piercing is very widespread in Western Europe and America and is quite popular in other countries. It is recorded that Ancient Egypt was the first place where a perforated mummified body was found. The ear piercing […]

Why does your hair texture change when you have telogen effluvium or shed?

I sometimes get emails from people who want to know why their hair has acquired a strange, loose and unkempt texture before or during increased hair loss. They want to know if the fall is affecting the hair or if the strange texture came before or has something to do with the fall. They also […]