History of progressing cavity pumps

The PCP pump has a substantial history. It was invented and designed in the late 1920s by Frenchman RenĂ© Moineau. Moineau set out to create a rotary compressor and in the process developed a new rotary mechanism to utilize variations in fluid pressure, which he referred to as “capsulism”. His purpose was to make possible […]

Remotivation therapy: what concept?

Activity Practitioners are constantly presented with new and old therapeutic modalities. Each therapeutic intervention is designed to improve the client’s quality of life. Today there are a variety of therapies such as pet therapy, music therapy, aromatherapy, and validation therapy. Each is well known and used by activity professionals across the country, however, there is […]

What do expectations mean for adult children?

While expectations, which can be equated to necessary, expected, anticipated, or even expected outcomes, are an integral part of everyone’s life, those of adult children may depend on their own development as individuals. Closer to unquestionable truths, these expectations begin in infancy and involve the basic needs of care, nourishment, and love of sustenance, clothing, […]

Interview with J Stewart Willis, author of "deadly highway"

j stewart willis He grew up in Alexandria, Virginia and went to the United States Military Academy, graduating in 1958 and serving twenty-five years in the Army. During that time, he served in Taiwan and later Vietnam as a signal officer with the 173rd Airborne Brigade. During his career in the Army, he attended graduate […]

MLM Secrets Revealed: Getting the facts straight about Prai Beauty

Prai Beauty Group, the leading manufacturer and distributor of skin care products and anti-aging systems, continues to dominate the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and the United States. Now that their products are known for their ability to perform as promised, they have designed special business opportunities that allow you to enjoy all that their company […]

Tom Challan, The Father of MLM Phone Recruitment: A Review

Tom Challan is arguably the master of telephone recruiting. He is one of the most successful recruiters of all time: he personally recruited over 500 distributors in a year in his core business, working just 20 hours per week and adding an average of 40 new members each month. Tom has achieved so much in […]

MLM Prospecting – Does Free Mentoring Keep Its Promise?

According to its members, Mentoring for Free is a lead generation system for any network marketing business. It’s an attraction marketing system, where members offer a free eBook, “10 Steps to Success,” and coaching/coaching calls in exchange for their contact information. His free ebook has valuable information on network marketing and weekly training calls are […]

YEP – Youth Entrepreneurship Program

With the purpose of inspiring better lives and promoting entrepreneurial success, HDI-Network Philippines began to extend its aspirations to younger generations through the Youth Entrepreneurship Program or YEP. At YEP (Youth Entrepreneurship Program), young people begin to realize entrepreneurship as a viable career. They equip themselves to run their own business and immerse themselves in […]