It’s the life of a dog, no matter where they are

Many of us are aware that life in the Australian outback or on the plains of the African Serengeti would be very different from those living in the US or Europe. Following that line of thinking, dogs also have different “lifestyles” around the world and with that, here are some interesting contrasts that may surprise […]

What are Westie’s sleeping habits?

West Highland White Terriers, like many breeds, need more sleep than humans to stay healthy. Over a twenty-four hour period, these energetic little dogs require a minimum of thirteen hours of sleep to get enough rest. However, they will easily adapt to their family’s sleeping habits, often sleeping most of the night when their humans […]

Shih Tzu for sale: find a breeder connected to a breeding circle

Not all pet owners with a big heart for small dogs have the finances to buy them; This is why many search for Shih Tzu for sale while searching for the cheapest deals. That, right there, is a risk, since puppy mills abound. The profit motive is what drives non-legitimate Shih Tzu breeders to breed […]

10 Things You Should Teach Your Puppy Before He Is One Year Old

Have you ever come across a dog at the dog park, or have you had to take care of a dog by a friend and discovered that they have absolutely no doggy treatment? That is because they have not been properly trained. Here are the 10 things you MUST teach your puppy before he turns […]

Your new puppy can expose you to personal liability risks

Recently, I was watching one of the popular morning shows that featured a segment promoting the adoption of shelter dogs. They had three of the local shelter dogs on set and they were adorable. My friend’s comment “I love dogs!” expresses what most of us feel about our dogs. Dogs certainly have the gift of […]

Desensitizing your dog’s feet will help with nail trimming

Desensitizing your dog is a great way to get him to hear you better when you try to trim his nails. I know my lab wasn’t desensitized before I caught him and now when he cuts his nails he always cries like a baby or pees. Now if you have that problem with your dog […]