There’s a secret in Washington County, Texas that you should know

When you think of Texas, you may find yourself collectively thinking about stereotypical things like cowboy boots, long hair, and lots of people using the word “all of you.” And while these wacky little things can be fun, it can be easy to lose sight of the Texas things that really are something, and this […]

Choosing the perfect virgin island for your vacation

At first glance on a world map, the islands that make up the Virgin Islands chain are difficult to distinguish from one another. What is a US territory? What is a British island? Where do I need a passport? All good questions, but it’s not really the most important question to ask yourself when choosing […]

Cochabamba By 707 Freighter with 24 hour layover

I had just returned from the Dominican Republic, where I had unsuccessfully applied for a pilot position on the 727, and was sitting in a Miami hotel weighing my options. I called a friend in the aviation business who told me that a Bolivian airline had an immediate need for a 707 co-pilot and suggested […]

A good failure and the perseverance of Sam Walton

Today it seems like everyone and your grandmother have a theory (and a blog) on ​​how to become a successful entrepreneur. So how can you filter all this information? Why not trade theories for a dose of reality by examining the example of an entrepreneur who defied conventional wisdom? Take, for example, one of the […]

Tahoe: the perfect choice for a ski vacation

Tahoe has several different places to stay. Most of them, whether they are hotels, rental properties, or resorts, are located near one of Tahoe’s many ski resorts. Most Tahoe hotels and resorts offer vacation packages to save money. You can choose weekend or midweek ski packages, which often include the cost of lift tickets and […]