The enigma within the law of attraction

Definition: Enigma Noun 1.enigma – something that puzzles understanding and cannot be explained Have you thought about this a lot? “You cannot love anyone or anything until you love yourself.” We are trained from childhood to put others before ourselves. First, our parents and siblings, then friends, schoolmates, our boss, coworkers, our spouse, and children. […]

5 Tips for Selecting the Best Bankruptcy Attorney to Deliver Your Case

Filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in court can be a stressful process and can also be annoying, unless professionally handled by an experienced bankruptcy attorney. There is a high probability that the honorable court will reject it in case the applicant makes some minor mistakes when filing for bankruptcy. Filing and handling […]

Interpersonal communication: tone of voice and body language

One of our subscribers who replied to the last article, Interpersonal communication: coding the response, stated that emails can effectively convey tone of voice and body language. Let’s explore this proposal. In interpersonal communication, the two-way channel implicitly means that the Sender wants to “imply” something and that the Receiver needs to “infer” this identical […]

Importance of Gulika (Mandi) in a horoscope

Gulika, also known as Mandi, is the son of the planet Saturn. Although it is a subplanet, it has a great influence on a horoscope. Gulika is said to be SARVA HANTHARE (destroyer of everything). Generally speaking, only astrologers from Kerala (southern Indian state) calculate Gulika’s position in a horoscope. Some say it is because […]

Tips to increase the click-through rate of your PPC ad campaign

These are my tips for your PPC marketing. Conduct extensive keyword research Before starting your campaign, you need to do a thorough keyword research. Make sure the keywords you choose are 100% relevant to your landing page content. Include these keywords in your ad copy. These same keywords should not only appear in your content […]