Halle Berry at Miss World 1986 – The Unknown Story!

In the early 2000s, Halle Berry set a precedent and made Miss World history when she became the first former beauty queen to win an Academy Award. Since 1995, Berry, who won the 1986 Miss USA World, has had a strong influence on beauty contestants as well as black performers from both sides of the […]

Harassment in the Workplace: Your Role as a Line Manager

Those who work in the Human Resources function have an important role to play in harassment prevention and EEO compliance. Outside of HR, the role of the manager is no less significant, but it is more limited. In addition to avoiding bullying yourself, you must detect and respond to all forms of bullying. Respond to […]

Life in Portugal: Traditional Portuguese Wedding Gifts

Portuguese weddings are expected to be amazing, with various dishes featuring meats, seafood, desserts, and fine drinks. If you have been invited to a wedding in Portugal, you must find the right gift. The newlyweds will enjoy receiving a gift that represents the country’s traditional wedding customs. From cash to hand-embroidered dinnerware and bedding, there […]

Arrested – How do you know if you have a warrant?

The following is a scenario that could very well happen to the law-abiding, but somewhat forgetful, average citizen: You are having a stellar day: the weather is magnificent; you have just closed a deal in the office that is a great advantage to you; and a beautiful woman (or cute boy) just gave you a […]

A mother lion roars: two determined mothers aspire to their children for music, but in different ways

A few weeks ago, I brought my 17-year-old daughter, Ariana, an accomplished viola player, to the East Coast to audition at top-tier music conservatories. Auditions are, of course, important. all your life. At the first audition, waiting for her turn, I asked Ariana if she was nervous. “No mommy, I’m so excited to play for […]

Study law in Australia

Studying law in the Australian professional environment offers many opportunities for students. The greatest temptation for students to join law courses is the bright future of law students. These courses bring with them status, prestige, and wonderful employment opportunities. Law schools in Australia Provide legal training in many areas to open doors to a variety […]

The 7 Most Important False Beliefs People Have About Starting An Online Business

It could be advice that you have given yourself, or it may very well have been given to you by family, friends, and teachers who care about your best interests. The fact is, this advice and conventional wisdom is often a combination of half truths, myths, and just plain lies about what it takes to […]

How long does a workers’ compensation claim stay on your file?

If you’ve been injured on the job in the past and filed a workers’ compensation claim, you are familiar with the treatment, recovery, and paperwork involved. Depending on the circumstances and severity of your injury, and the geographic location of your workplace, certain laws may apply to your situation. If it happened that you had […]

New Jersey Penalties and Consequences for Failure to Comply with Apartment Registration Requirements

In today’s article, we will discuss the importance of two separate documents required for residential real estate owners. Certificates of Occupancy The first document is the Certificate of Occupancy. The vast majority of New Jersey state municipalities require a landlord to obtain a new Certificate of Occupancy each time a new tenant moves in. The […]

7 best qualities of a good divorce lawyer

When choosing a divorce attorney, it is difficult to choose someone you hardly know and trust with everything you have. Working with an attorney requires trust and a harmonious working relationship that could last for months. You should be able to choose the right one for your case. You are the one who can formulate […]