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Black kitchen cabinets can change the look of your kitchen

Thinking of painting those kitchen cabinets black, right? It’s a great look. Very sophisticated, really makes the cabinets stand out. It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is contemporary or traditional, painting your kitchen cabinets black can give it that rustic-yet-chic look that can be so difficult to achieve otherwise. A white countertop, to offset the black and red walls, can really make the kitchen stand out! If you happen to doubt me, you can always google it and see for yourself. Regardless, it will absolutely improve the appearance of your kitchen dramatically. If painting all your cabinets black seems a bit over the top, try contrasting the black and white, or add a thin red trim line.

The first is the first

Now that you’ve decided to paint your kitchen cabinets black, you’ll need to prep them properly. Make absolutely sure they are clean of all dirt and grime by using a soft, damp cloth or scrub. You may need an ammonia-based cleaner to remove that accumulated grease, so be sure to properly ventilate the room while you work. You’ll also want to make sure you get adequate ventilation during the painting process. If your kitchen cabinets have a gloss finish, some sanding will be necessary, just to roughen the surface a bit. The rougher surface is more likely to grab the new paint. Also make sure that when you’re done sanding you go back to cleaning the cabinets with soap and water. Make sure they are completely dry before gluing and cover the edges where you don’t want to paint. Cover countertops, the floor, walls… Everything that is not going to be painted black.

We’ll paint

Either a primer or the first coat of your black paint is your next step. The primer should be black or gray to save money and time if you are going to paint your kitchen cabinets black. Ideally a couple of coats of primer is a good idea, allowing about 4 hours of dry time. The primer will come in handy, not only because of its adhesive quality to the cabinet’s surface, but it also helps protect your final paint job. The priming step can be skipped if your cabinets are already black, but if the color of your cabinets is going to be changed from anything other than black, you really should stick with priming.

Make sure the primer has completely dried and you’re ready to apply the last coat of black paint. Steady, easy strokes will give you the most even coverage. Do not overload the brush as this can cause dripping. No one wants drips on their kitchen cabinets… you’ll have enough with food. It’s best if you can manage at least three coats, if not four, of your choice of black paint with a dry time of no less than 24 hours.

You’re going to love it! Of course, you can’t go all black, but a lighter color to offset the black will give you the most stylish kitchen on the block. Don’t be surprised when Better Homes and Gardens knocks on your door!


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