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California Cyberbullying Laws to Protect Your Children and Teens

Since home computer systems have become so popular, more men, women and children have become victims of cyberbullying. This is an extremely frustrating and sometimes scary problem that can be quickly resolved when an experienced private investigator performs a reverse email search. California cyberbullying laws that have been enacted can also be of great help to people who are experiencing this type of bullying.

Education Code sections 32260 through 32262 simply refer to the partnership formed between law enforcement and schools. This association is made up of the Attorney General and the Superintendent who provide instruction to the students of the Public School System. This is a partnership that is commonly known as the Interagency School Safety Demonstration Act of 1985. As a way to protect all students, this is one of California’s cyberbullying laws consisting of the following:

Policies and programs will be established that are required to carry out the provisions of Article 5, beginning with Section 32280. Administrators of safe school programs, all activities, procedures and training carried out in accordance with this chapter. Out-of-state federal and state agencies when it comes to school safety. While attending classes on any of the California School System campuses, each and every student has the right to ensure that the campus is peaceful, safe, and secure. Without each of these elements, it is virtually impossible for students to benefit from the specific educational programs of which they are a part. This is precisely why this chapter of California’s cyberbullying laws was developed.

The intent of the legislature is for California youth serving agencies, school districts, law enforcement agencies, and county offices of education to work together. They are encouraged to create and use various types of in-service training programs, interagency strategies, and different types of activities that are geared toward reducing bullying and other problems that often occur within the school system. California cyberbullying laws in this section address bullying that occurs with the use of various types of electronic devices. This would include home computer systems, mobile phones, pagers, home phones, and video recorders.

If one of your children has been experiencing the trauma that cyberbullying can cause, you are urged to review the valuable information contained in Education Code Sections 32260 through 32262 of California cyberbullying laws. Another helpful step in stopping this type of situation would be to have a professional private investigator perform a reverse email search.

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