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Fiverr and network marketing: our review as a buyer of Fiverr services

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a website that hosts all kinds of commercial and non-commercial services, with thousands of what we’ll call “micropayment” entrepreneurs, each of whom touts what they can do for you for just five bucks. They all start with the same price: $5. Hence, a “Five-er”. A job (a “job” as they call it) for just five bucks? Really?

How can someone do something that will take time and charge $5 and make a substantial amount of money in an effort like that? And how does that help a network marketing business?

Well, welcome to the shrinking world of commerce and the Internet. The short answer is that Fiverr is not only a valid source of labor at a rock-bottom price, but it is an opportunity for all network marketing business owners because it is based on the same concept as a network marketing business. online: the law of large numbers can help you make money if you work them right. Just as important is the opportunity to bond and connect with new business owners you never would have met without this platform, and that alone is worth seeing Fiverr as more than just a place to spend five bucks.

To fully understand Fiverr, we looked at Fiverr from two angles, because we’ve used both sides: as a service buyer and as a service provider. This article discusses using Fiver as a buyer.

First, a quick look at the Fiverr website:

Who dreamed of Fiverr?

Fiverr is the perfect example of when someone with a brilliant idea takes on the internet and creates a win-win situation for both buyer and seller. At $5 per concert, you certainly can’t complain about an expensive experience! Fiverr is a pretty simple concept if you can get past the flood of ads from every Fiverr business owner offering services. There are some pretty amazing stats about Fiverr:

  • Fiverr was founded four years ago by Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman. A blog written by Micha over a year ago indicated at the time, 1.5 million people use Fiverr to buy and sell Gigs and many millions more visit the site each month. Fiverr members come from more than 200 countries and sellers offer more than 1.8 million Gigs in 120 different categories. A Gig is purchased every 6 seconds. Clearly, a year later, those numbers have grown.
  • Alexa ranks Fiverr (as of 2/14/15) as the 349th most popular site globally and 370th in the US.
  • Fiverr has generated over 3 million “gigs” (the term they use for jobs). When you consider that many Fiverr sellers earn more than just the base $5 (as the number of gigs you perform increases, you can charge more) it’s clear this is a money maker not only for founders, but also if you have success as a seller.

So what can you get on Fiverr? Well, A LOT – Here are the main categories:

Graphics and Design- Cartoon & Caricature / Logo Design / Illustration / eBook Covers & Packages / Web Design & UI / Photography & Photoshopping / Landing Pages / Flyers & Brochures / Business Cards / Banners & Headers / Architecture / Presentation Design / Others

online marketing – Social Marketing / Fan Pages / Get Traffic / SEO / Bookmarks & Links / Article Submissions & PR / Video Marketing / Others / Blog Mentions / Keyword Research / Web Analytics / Domain Research

Writing and Translation – Copywriting/SEO Keyword Optimization/Creative Writing & Scripting/Translation/Transcripts/Website Content/Press Releases/Summary & Cover Letters/Speech Writing/Proofreading & Editing/Reviews/Other

Video and Animation – Commercials / Editing and Post Production / Animation and 3D / Actors Testimonials and Reviews / Intros / Stop Motion / Puppets / Others

Music and Sound – Audio Editing & Mastering/Jingles/Songwriting/Music Lessons/Rap Music/Hip-Hop Music/Custom Songs/Sound Effects & Loops/Custom Ringtones/Voicemail Greetings/Narration & Voice-Over/Other

Programming and Technology- WordPress / Web Programming / Mobile & Web Apps / Website & CMS Builders / File Conversion / E-Commerce / User Testing / QA / Databases / Desktop Apps / Data Analysis & Reporting / Support & IT / Others

Advertising- Hold Your Sign / Flyers & Brochures / Human Billboards / Pet Models / Banner Advertising / Radio / Music Promotion / Outdoor Advertising / Others

Business – Business Plans / Career Advice / Market Studies / Presentations / Virtual Assistant / Legal Consulting / Branding Services / Financial Consulting / Business Advice / Others

other – Lifestyle / Gifts / Funny and Bizarre

Buying on Fiverr: what do you buy and how do you do it?

Buying on Fiverr is not difficult. From the list above, you can see that buying something in these broad categories is not a problem. For Fiverr buyers, this is a great thing: there are so many potential employers offering you what you want, it’s a matter of finding someone who has an eye-catching ad or whose description of what and how they’ll do what you need is better. than most. You will have almost unlimited options.

While that may be a good thing, consider this: There are three main categories that Fiverr has implemented when buying a gig. There are Fiverr members in the “High Rated” category, members in the “Recommended” category, and finally the “Newbies” in the “New” category.

While there certainly has to be a way to categorize those offering services, this “class distinction” almost felt like it was discriminatory until we looked at the sheer number of individual jobs on offer. Fiverr had to find a way to delineate “newbies” vs. more experienced members.

The day we were on the site researching Fiverr, when we typed the sentence that starts every Fiverr gig: “I will,” this was the result:

High rating – All categories – 63,741 Recommended – 215,861 New – 52,731.

That’s a total of 332,333 individual concert options! When you consider that each web page you can see when you get results is usually 6-10 gigs on a screen (bearing in mind that some screen sizes are small, others are large), at 10 gig views per screen, I’d take you 33,234 screen scrolls to see all the alternatives! For example, 10 seconds per screen to see if any value was seen would be 543 hours, or a little over 3 weeks to see all the options! Clearly, you will have no problem choosing from such a large universe of sellers.

The main hurdle you will have as a Fiverr buyer will be choosing the highest rated seller from this vast sea of ​​Fiverr members. It’s not as daunting as it sounds. You’ll have to scan just a handful of sellers to understand what to look for in an experienced seller. Do you have a video? What is your turn around time? How are they ranked and do they have positive testimonials? After several minutes, you will have an idea of ​​what to look for.

When we bought concerts, we sometimes spent more than $5. Why is that? Well, technically, that’s all we had to pay. However, the jobs that were done for us were done quickly and efficiently and we paid extra to make that happen – instead of a 3 day turnaround we opted to pay another $5 for a one day turnaround . In one case, we wanted some “bells and whistles” so we paid another $10 for the concert. Those extra bells and whistles are offered only through highly rated and recommended sellers.

NOTE: If you consider that our average ticket was $10, and over 3 million concerts have been completed, that equates to 15 million in revenue, pretty solid! Actually, it is quite certain that there are many sellers on Fiverr who routinely make much more than $5, so you have to conclude that Fiverr has created a very profitable niche. We believe this strong financial performance bodes well for Fiverr to continue as a major player in this growing “outsourcer” market.

Once you find a Fiverr vendor you like, simply send an email through Fiverr, or just pull the trigger on their description and make a $5 purchase. The give and take and communication on Fiverr between Buyer/Seller is very seamless and similar to any good transaction based site, so we never ran into a problem ordering, adding extras to a gig and finalizing the transaction. You can then offer “tips” if the project was good, and testimonials can also be left. In that sense, it’s not unlike an E-Bay environment: a shopping community with published results.

Some buying tips: You can see all the categories from “high ratings” to “new” and you can see the number of processed gigs and the reviews and ratings like on eBay, Elance or any number of internet sites where the services offered Go with the person’s experience and let your instincts guide you. Ask the seller questions through Fiverr and your buying experience should be a good one.

Now, we want to emphasize one angle: there are network marketing services that are valuable and can be purchased on Fiverr. You can buy backlinks, you can get link wheels built, you can write blog content, you can get SEO keyword phrases researched, you can get video scripts built, you can make videos, in short, there’s marketing on Valuable network “nuts and bolts” that can be purchased from Fiverr members that can really help your network marketing business.

Just do your due diligence and shop smart. Ask questions and your experience will be a positive one.


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