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International Phone Number Lookup – How to Look Up International Phone Numbers

Most people who have tried it would agree that searching for an international phone number is a very difficult and time consuming process. Many countries have different laws and regulations about reverse phone directories and who can access and use them. These directories are what you use to look up phone numbers and find out who they belong to. In fact, in some countries reverse phone directories are illegal. Here are some tips to help you get started.

1. Start by doing basic searches on online search engines.

Search using local search engines for the country in which the number you want to look up is registered. Popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN have local versions in many countries. You can also search from the home page of the main search engine, such as,, or If the international phone number you are looking for is available or posted on some website, then you will be able to find the associated details you are looking for. Some countries have some free phone lookup sites, so use them if they are available.

2. Use an international phone number lookup company

There are a few of these companies online, so if you search on any search engine you should be able to find one. The only disadvantage of using these services is that they are very expensive. Expect to pay upwards of $150 per search. Some of the companies do not even guarantee that they will get a result.

3. Private investigator

You can also hire a private investigator to do the phone number lookup. They often have access to a large number of resources that you would not be able to access if you decided to search on your own. Just look in your phone book or your local business directory and you’ll find a private investigator who can perform an international phone number lookup for you.

4. Use a reverse phone book for that country, if available.

You can look up phone number owners in most countries using a reverse phone number lookup directory. For most countries, such as the US and Canada, there are many websites that offer services that you can use. This is probably the fastest and cheapest way to look up an international phone number. When choosing a reverse phone lookup directory, look for a directory based on membership. These are much cheaper than the ones that charge you for every search you do.

As you can see from the methods outlined above, there are different ways you can use to perform an international phone number lookup. Using a reverse phone book where available is the quickest and quickest method to do this.


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