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Mario Party 3 – Item Description

Right now, I’m going to talk about the other elements of Mario Party 3, one of the best games for Nintendo 64.

Lucky lamp

Your role is to call Mushroom Jeanie, and she is going to change the location of the star on the map.

Golden Mushroom

With the red mushroom, you can hit the dice block three times. It can cancel out the effects of reversible fungi and purple fungi.

Boo bell

Use it if you want to call Boo to come and steal some coins or a star.

Boo repellent

With Boo’s repellent, you are protected from Boo if he visits you. It can only be used once.

Bowser Suit

You can use it to transform into Bowser and collect 20 coins from anyone who is in the same space with you. It can only be used once.

Magic lamp

Use it to call the Mushroom Genie, and he will take you directly to the location of the star. It can cancel out the effects of reversible fungi and purple fungi.

Duel glove

You can use the duel glove to choose someone to be your opponent in a duel and how many coins you will fight for.

Koopa Kard

Its function is to withdraw all the coins saved in the bank as you pass it.

Barter box

Use it if you want to exchange all of your items for all of any opponent’s items of your choice.

Lucky charm

With this item, you can send Shy Guy to any opponent of your choice so that person can play one of Shy Guy’s minigames.

Crazy clock

The Wacky Watch can change the game clock to the last five turns.

Bag of Items

Choose this bag to get three items, but you won’t know which items you will get until you buy it.

Those are all the elements of Mario Party 3. I hope you like my article.


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