NFL Outstanding Draft by Team – Pick #20 by the Houston Texans

#20 – Houston Texans – Kyle Wilson – Boise State

First, the Texans don’t need much on offense. Schaub passed for the most yards in the league. Andre Johnson had the most yards by a wide margin. The other WRs and TEs are also very skilled. Schaub was sacked 25 times, tied for 18th in the league, not a bad number. So the offense is set except for the RB situation. The Texans should have enough RBs that they don’t need to draft one in the first round. They just don’t last long enough in the NFL, and if your team doesn’t get the best in the draft, it’s not worth it. You could also wait. There are too many good players at positions higher than RB who need to be drafted at #20. If you have a good o line, it will make any RB look good.

So that leaves the defense. The team has a great core of young players, DeMeco, Cushing, Mario and hopefully Amobi Okoye will step up in his third year in the league. The team needs to replace Dunta Robinson, who signed with Atlanta in the offseason. The Texans had a chance to get Leigh Bodden, but he eventually returned to the Patriots. Once that happened, the Texans now have to draft a CB. If safety Earl Thomas were to go down to the Texans, he might be worth drafting to replace John Busing, who only had 1 INT in 2009. Otherwise, the best CB available should be drafted, which is Boise State’s Kyle Wilson in this one. simulacrum. draft. The Texans need CB depth to take on the Colts’ receivers if they ever want to win the AFC South.

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