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Talking about cell phones

Cell phones are basically everywhere we look today. Six and seven year olds have these devices so they can call mom and dad, and of course, grandma. Teens keep their devices permanently in their ears and even sleep with them on the edge of their pillow so they never miss a call, text, or Facebook update from one of their friends. Grandmas and grandpas have these devices and some people are even stopping their landline services at home because of them.

Cell phones give each person the ability to call others no matter where they are. If the person is in trouble and has a flat tire, or a medical emergency, the ability to call for help is just an arm’s length away. This is the main reason why aging people carry the items. They give them the ability to communicate and ask for help.

Most parents agree to give their children cell phones because the child will have a way to call them when needed. The father will also have a way to contact the child and verify her whereabouts. The fact that the devices have GPS and tracking systems makes parents feel more secure letting their children leave home. The tracking systems on these devices have helped locate many missing children and adults who otherwise would not have been found.

Many businesses and residences have replaced traditional landlines with cell phones. One of the reasons for this trend is that you can buy packages from mobile operators that allow you to make unlimited calls and send unlimited messages for one monthly price. There are no surprises on your phone bill if you’ve been calling more long distance numbers than usual.

Another reason people unplug their landlines is that mobile devices free them from being chained to one place. If you are waiting for an important call and you have a landline, you cannot leave the place where the phone is installed. If you use a mobile device, you can go to town while you wait for a call and you don’t have to worry about missing it.

The freedom to go where we want and do what we want, for less money, is making these devices the hottest thing since sliced ​​bread.


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