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Cadbury case study

“Chocolate,” the one thing that consumes everyone from a toddler to a 100-year-old man, is the most degraded product and is expected to market itself. Who really takes it seriously?

Cadbury India, have used Facebook Marketing as part of their marketing strategy to promote “Dairy Milk”, a brand that is trying to take the position of quintessential after-dinner desserts with the slogan: “Khaney ke baad such (kuch) meetha Hojayey”.

History of Cadbury India
Entering the Indian market in 1948, Cadbury is a well known and loved brand owned by Mondelez International. Cadbury remains at the top of the Indian chocolate market due to its quality products and the memorable ways it communicates with consumers.

Cadbury business goal
The confectionery brand wanted to measure the impact Facebook would have on its 2-month multi-channel “badhti dosti ke naam” campaign, which shows people building friendships by sharing Cadbury Dairy Milk.

Cadbury Strategy
Cadbury used Facebook Marketing to build on the 30-second TV spot they created using this sweet saas-bahu (mother-in-law and daughter-in-law) duo to use their “Dairy Milk” brand as a friendship-building tool.

Most of us who have been married definitely understand the beauty and enigma that the relationship between this duo brings to our lives, so this interesting concept of sharing something sweet explores a bridge connected with the audience on an emotional level.

To position itself as a way for people in India to grow their friendships, Cadbury ran a 2-month multi-platform campaign, including digital and traditional channels.

The brand created a 30-second TV commercial featuring a mother and daughter-in-law dancing in the street while sharing a chocolate bar, and ran it as a video ad on Facebook.

By using reach and frequency as parameters on Facebook, Cadbury India encouraged its audience to spread the word about the campaign and share it with their friends.

They could achieve:
• 5.8% increase in top-of-mind awareness
• 5.1% increase in brand consideration attributed entirely to Facebook
• 5.7% incremental reach through television
• 8.1% incremental reach on light viewers
• 2.8% increase in spontaneous awareness
• 10X impact on Facebook ad spend

Cadbury worm crisis 2003 (case study)
In 2003 there was a crisis at Cadbury where “worms” were found in Cadbury Dairy Milk, which drew strong attention as children were the main consumers of Dairy Milk.

There were several discussions between Cadbury management and the retailers regarding who was responsible for this incident.

While Cadbury management argued that there was no possibility that the infestation would have been possible at the end of manufacturing, but only during poor storage conditions at the retailers, the retailers argued that the worms could not have burrowed into the bars of chocolate in storage and should have been part of the manufacturing process only.

Cadbury Dairy Milk with worm in it

This crisis, since it occurred during the festival season, reduced 30% of Cadbury’s book sales instead of adding the 15% of sales during the festival, which was the norm for the company.

To ensure that it regained customer trust, Cadbury did 2 things simultaneously:

1. Launch a new “purity sealed” packaging and invest up to Rs 15 million in imported packaging machinery to maintain the vacuum in the packaging and ensure that such incidents do not occur in January 2004

2. Engaged “Amitabh Bacchan” as a brand ambassador to communicate the packaging change to customers and promise that it was safe to eat Cadbury again.

With this two-pronged approach, Cadbury was able to:

1. Convince the media and the public that the manufacturing process was absolutely safe and that the infestation was only due to storage conditions and that by introducing the new packaging this would be prevented in the future.

2. Restore trust to customers by introducing a genuine brand ambassador who is respected throughout India.

3. Recover the sales lost since the crisis began.


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