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Choosing the Best Wireless Phone Charger

Best Wireless Phone Charger

There are many wireless charging pads and stands on the market. Stands are especially useful for iPhones with Face ID, as they make it easy to unlock your phone from a distance. We’ve tested a number of Qi-certified chargers to find the best options for you. Read on to learn which ones perform the best based on key criteria like compatibility, speed and design.

Choosing the right charger for your device is a crucial step in the process of getting your phone up and running. Some models are geared toward specific phones while others feature multiple charging zones and a range of features. Look for MagSafe compatibility for iPhones that use the magnetic ring around its back, as well as Qi-certified compatibility for Android devices and the ability to charge two wirelessly at once. You’ll also want to make sure your charger supports fast-charging power delivery, which boosts the speed of wireless charging to 1.4 times faster than standard USB cables.

Belkin’s 3-in-1 best wireless phone charger stands out for being a great all-around option. It supports three 10W wireless charging zones and has a side-mounted USB-C port for wired charging. The charger comes with a braided cable that’s more durable than most and an 18W power adapter, which is higher-powered than the ones included with most other chargers. In a pinch, it can also power an Apple Watch and a low-powered USB accessory, such as earbuds.

Choosing the Best Wireless Phone Charger

Regardless of what device you’re charging, you want the process to go as smoothly as possible. Look for a wireless charger that matches the maximum charging speed supported by your device. Most wireless charging pads support up to 10W for Android phones and 7.5W for iPhones, although some—including Apple’s new MagSafe-enabled chargers—hit 15W. Some also feature magnetic connectors that let you charge through cases up to 3mm thick, though this might not work with every phone or case.

If you want a wireless charging pad that blends in, look for one that comes in a variety of finishes and woods, including walnut (pictured), maple, canarywood, and padauk. Some also have status LEDs that display whether your phone or watch is charging or not, but these can be distracting in dark rooms or if the color changes too frequently. Other models turn off the LED light when the device is fully charged or unplugged. This helps protect your battery from overheating.

Selecting the ideal wireless phone charger demands thoughtful consideration. Firstly, ensure compatibility with your device’s charging standard, be it Qi or others. Opt for models with fast-charging capabilities to save time. Adjustable charging stands offer versatility for both portrait and landscape orientations. Look for non-slip surfaces to secure your phone in place. A reliable charger should have overheating and overcharging protection for safety. Consider additional features like LED indicators for charging status. Compact, travel-friendly designs cater to those on the move. Lastly, reputable brands often offer durability and customer support. A well-informed choice promises seamless, efficient charging for your device.

Whether you want to charge your phone, smartwatch, or wireless earbuds, the best wireless chargers keep all of your devices powered at once. They’re easy to set up and convenient to use, and they eliminate the hassle of tangled cords or lost charging adapters. Most of the chargers we tested have a status LED that turns on when the device is charging or an obstacle interferes with the induction. However, the LEDs can be too bright or too dim in some settings and are hard to read from a distance.

If you’re looking for a wireless charger that can accommodate your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Watch or earbuds, go with this model from Belkin. It has a sci-fi pedestal design, and the stand lets you unlock your face with Face ID without having to pick up your phone. It charges the latest iPhones at 7.5W and compatible Android phones at 10W, and it comes with a braided USB cable.

The best wireless chargers don’t just plug into your wall and start charging; they complement your decor, too. Look for a sleek, minimalist design or one that’s finished in a natural material like wood or stone. Avoid ones that have a status LED; they’re distracting in dark rooms and may confuse you about when your phone is actually charging.

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