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What are turnkey affiliate websites and how to earn commission from them?

Turnkey affiliate websites are websites that are fully functional with almost everything that is needed to run a business. In most cases, domain names, website hosting features, and scripts are planned and set up by another provider. These websites contain pre-made layouts and templates along with the appropriate codes that are already in place. Additional space for banners that can be used for advertising is usually also available on the website. The fact that the process of creating a website is easier for those who do not have knowledge of SEO and web development is a great benefit of this type of website.

There are numerous turnkey affiliate websites available these days that claim to offer the opportunity to earn money from home in a decent amount of time. The backbone on which these websites operate is affiliate marketing. For those who don’t know what affiliate marketing is, in this form of marketing, sellers earn commissions when they make sales on behalf of another business. Currently, both Amazon and eBay run impressively large affiliate marketing programs.

Thus, an opportunity to become “affiliate” Internet giants like Amazon, ClickBank, Commission Junction, etc. is provided to small business owners through Turnkey affiliate websites. What happens is that depending on what business a small business owner is running; your website is connected to online giants like Amazon, Google AdSense or any other third party advertisers. Depending on the business a small business owner is running; your website is connected to online giants like Amazon, Google AdSense or any other third party advertisers. Multiple streams of income can be earned on a monthly basis from giant and renowned companies, even if you buy a single turnkey affiliate website.

If a turnkey affiliate website is affiliated with Google AdSense, Google AdSense revenue is earned every time someone clicks on a Google AdSense ad that appears on the site. If the site is a Commission Junction “affiliate website”, then a commission is earned each time someone makes a purchase from the Commission Junction banner ads displayed on the site. If the website is affiliated with an Amazon store, the commission will be generated every time Amazon sales are made through the turnkey affiliate website.

Automation is another exceptional aspect of having a turnkey affiliate website business. Due to the integration of affiliate partner links, business owners do not have to worry about customer orders that need to be fulfilled and website content that needs to be updated. This reason is that this is all handled by the affiliate partners who link to the site. The reason why turnkey affiliate websites are known as “turnkey” is because the only job the website owner has to do is to advertise the site to attract visitors and automatically generate revenue. There is no doubt that a decent amount of commission income can be earned through turnkey affiliate websites, and this is what makes it beneficial to have this type of website.


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