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Boat and Vessel Title Insurance – Protect Your Investment in Boats

Just as property titles are subject to registration errors, pre-existing liens, and other encumbrances, boat and boat titles can have hidden issues that can present a liability to new boat owners. The best way for boat, yacht and boat buyers to protect themselves from these liabilities is to purchase title insurance. Agencies that provide this […]

Sprint Mobile Broadband coverage is great for road warriors

“With Sprint mobile broadband coverage, you can harness the power of the nation’s largest mobile broadband network. Reaching more than 230 million people (including roaming areas), the service is available in 218 markets major metropolitans and 1,002 coast-to-coast airports” You + Sprint + Car = Bonnie & Clyde. Sprint Mobile Broadband will be with […]

Deplorable garbage or amazing genius? the irreversible film

Tipper Gore, bring out the big guns. ‘Irreversible’ is here, and he just threw a great first punch. No amount of boycotts, pickets, bans, or insults could stop this searing piece of moral certainty from landing, smoking, on the doors of video stores across the country. I have seen it myself. I walked to the […]

The revamped hybrid model or get more than you pay for!

Many of us have traded in our old gas guzzling vehicles to help save the environment (and some money, too). After surviving a summer of ridiculous heat and rain, even I am beginning to believe that global warming may have some validity! So, in addition to owning a hybrid car, I thought a lot about […]

Social Marketing Tips: 3 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid With Your Twitter Marketing Strategy

3 Deadly Twitter Mistakes Twitter Mistake #1: Only Tweeting When You Want To Promote A Product – This is a surefire way to ruin your business. It is one of the deadly sins in internet marketing. Your readers will run a mile if you always do that. Your account may also be considered spam and […]

Why should you consider used or refurbished fitness equipment?

When many people think of New Year’s Resolutions, the first thought that comes to mind after the holidays is that I need to go to the gym and buy some equipment or start exercising more. December and January are big months for fitness equipment dealers and health clubs. We can all probably agree that the […]

How to write a quality book

Some people may think that anyone can write a book review, but writing one that helps people make an informed decision about whether a book is worth reading requires honesty, good writing, argument support, and proper description. The following are some attributes of quality reviews. If you are someone who writes reviews or wants to […]

If you think you’re down, you are: 6 ways to get your Mojo back

Do you think you are in the doldrums? If you are asking yourself that question, then you are in luck! You need to recognize the signs like stress, boredom, lack of getting up and walking, etc. The main reason people get stuck in the first place is that they do the same things all the […]